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chef pons asian kitchen restaurant, located at 12 mill street, gardens, cape town  
  Some of the delicious dishes from the chef pons asian kitchen menu

The Chef Pons Menu

Over the last 11 years Chef Pon’s has perfected an amazing pan-Asian menu that pleases all palates all of the time. In the words of Christina, a Chef Pon’s regular, “It would take me months to try all the dishes I’m tempted to order…
but my problem is that I keep re-ordering my same favourites every time I come.”
  Choose your favourites from the Chef Pon’s menu:
It's hot
It's hotter
It's on fire
S - Singaporian
T - Thailand
C - Chinese
V - Vietnamese
M - Mongolian
 I  - Indonesian
J  - Japanese

  Asian Tapas  
  Asian Mixed Starter (2 persons)
  Chicken & beef satay, fried calamari, spring rolls, chicken in seaweed
and prawn toast
  Indonesian Chicken Satay (3 pcs)
  Tender chicken bamboo skewer, marinated in spices and served
with peanut sauce
  Indonesian Beef Satay (3 pcs) (I)
  Tender beef bamboo skewer, marinated in spices and served
with peanut sauce
  Chicken Spring Rolls (3 pcs) (T)
  Filled with glass noodles, chicken strips, black fungus and served
with plum sauce
  Vegetarian Pancake Rolls (3 pcs) (C)
  Fried egg, bean sprouts, spring onion, cucumber, bean curd and hoisin sauce  
  Vegetarian Vietnamese Spring Rolls (3 pcs) (V)
  Bean curd, glass noodles and Chinese mushrooms, served with
a sweet chilli sauce
  Deep Fried Thai Sausage (3 pcs) (T)
  Beef sausage, fried with garlic and chill
  Deep Fried Chicken in Seaweed (T)
  Marinated chicken with sesame oil, served with a sweet and sour sauce
  Prawn Toast (T)
  Prawn Chips
  Deep fried prawns with wasabi mayo (4 pcs)
  Vegetable Tempura (J)
  Served with Japanese soya sauce
  Prawn Tempura (4 pcs) (J)
  Served with Japanese soya sauce
  Calamari Tempura (4 pcs) (J)
  Served with Japanese soya sauce  
  Dim Sum (3 pcs)
  Steamed dumpling  
  Deep Fried Wonton (4 pcs)
  Served with a sweet and sour sauce  

What's your favourite from the Chef Pons menu?
  Tom Yum Kai with chicken (T)
Tom Yum Khung (T)
  Thailand's famous spicy hot and sour soup
  Tom Yum Khung (Prawn) (T)
  Prawn coconut soup  
Tom Yum Kai (T)
  Chicken coconut soup  
  Wonton Chicken Noodle Soup (C)
  Chicken Sweetcorn Soup (C)
Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup (C)
  Tofu Miso Soup (C)
  Vietnamese Beef Soup (V)
  Served with sticks and bean sprouts  
  Thai Grilled Beef Salad (T)
  Thai-style salad with spicy garlic and lemongrass dressing  
  Indonesian Gada Gado Salad (I)
  Bean curd, boiled egg and vegetables with a peanut dressing  
  Fresh Garden Salad with Vegetables
  Served with an oriental sesame dressing  
  Cantonese Chicken & Cashew Nuts (C)
  Stir-fried chicken with sesame oil and cashew nuts  
  Sweet and Sour Chicken (C)
  Thai Sesame Chicken (T)
  Chicken in Coconut Sauce
Thai Mussaman Chicken Curry (T)
  Aromatic Crispy Duck (C)
  Served with cucumber, spring onion, hoisin sauce and four pancakes  
Crispy Duck with Two Chilli Sauces (T)
  Duck Mandarin (C)
  Cooked duck with secret Chinese herbs  
  Imperial Duck (T)
  Stir-fried duck with Chinese mushrooms, cashew nuts and lychee  
Thai Green Chicken Curry (T)
Thai Green Jungle Curry (T)
Vietnamese Chicken Chilli with Bamboo Shoots (J)
Thai Chicken Red Curry (T)
  Traditional Thai curry prepared with coconut milk and bamboo shoots  
Thai Duck Jungle Curry (T)
  Thailand's hottest curry  
Indonesian Bali Chicken Curry (I)
Angry Duck
  Served with chilli, mushroom, garlic & ginger  
Thai Red Duck Curry
  Szechuan Style Dishes
Szechuan Orange Beef
  Beef, orange peel, cinnamon, si chuan pepper and sesame seeds  
Spicy Chicken (C)
  Served with bamboo shoots, peanuts, goji berries, green beans, chinese mushrooms and si chuan spicy sauce  
Ginger Duck
  Served with spring onion, celery and si chuan pepper  
Szechuan Prawn
  Served with Szechuan pepper  
  Beef Mandarin
  Beef, orange peel, cinnamon, si chuan pepper and sesame seeds  
  Beef with Black Bean Sauce(C)
  Stir-fried Beef with Seasonal Vegetables (C)
Stir-fried Beef Beef Bamboo shoot (T)
  Served with chilli and lemongrass  
Beef with Chilli and Basil (T)
Thai Green Beef Curry (T)
  Traditional Thai curry prepared with coconut milk and bamboo shoots  
Thai Red Beef Curry (T)
  Traditional Thai curry prepared with coconut milk and bamboo shoots  
Thai Mussaman Beef Curry (T)
  Traditional curry originating from Southern Thailand  
Thai Beef Jungle Curry (T)
  Thailand's hottest curry  
Indonesian Bali Beef Curry (I)
Prawns with Chilli and Basil (T)
Steamed Calamari (T)
  Served with chilli, coriander and lemon sauce  
Calamari with Chilli and Basil (T)
  Stir-fried Prawns with Coconut Sauce (T)
  Served with coconut sauce and lemongrass  
Thai Chilli Fish (T)
  Kingklip served with sweet chilli sauce  
  Prawns Garlic and Black Pepper(T)
Prawn Jungle Curry (T)
  Thailand's hottest curry  
Thai Prawn Green Curry (T)
  Traditional Thai curry prepared with coconut milk and bamboo shoots  
Stir-fried Calamari with Sweet Chilli Paste (T)
Sizzling Mixed Seafood (Southern Style) (T)
  With curry powder and chilli oil  
  Sweet and Sour Prawn (C)
  Sweet and Sour Calamari (C)
  Cantonese Prawns with Cashew Nuts (C)
  Steamed Kingklip (C)
  Served with soya sauce  
  Sweet and Sour Fish (Kingklip) (C)
Steamed Kingklip with Lemon, Coriander & Chilli Sauce (T)
  Chef's Special
Ostrich - Mongolian (M)
  Ostrich - with Oyster Sauce (C)
  Ostrich - Mushroom and Black Pepper Sauce (T)
Sizzling Mongolian Lamb (M)
  Stir-fried lamb with spicy sauce served on a sizzling hotplate  
  Lamb Hunan-Style (C)
  Stir-fried lamb with onion, ginger and Chinese mushroom  
Thai Lamb Jungle Curry (T)
  Thailand's hottest curry  
Indonesian Bali Lamb Curry (I)
  Stir-fried Vegetables with Oyster Sauce (C)
  Stir-fried Eggplant and Bean Curd with Black Bean Sauce (C)
  Steamed Vegetables Four Seasons (C)
  Stir-fried Bean Curd with Vegetables, Pineapple
and Cashew Nuts
Thai Vegetarian Green Curry with Tofu (T)
  Stir-fried Mix Vegetables with Bean Curd and Peanut Sauce (T)
  Seasonal Vegetables (T)
  Pak Choy with Garlic and Oyster Sauce
  Prawns Chow Mein
  Plain Noodles
  Vegetarian Noodles (C)
  Chicken or Beef Chow Mein (C)
  Egg Noodles Chicken or Beef (C)
  Thai Fried Noodles with Prawn (T)
  Fried rice stick noodles with ground peanuts  
  Thai Fried Noodles with Bean Curd and Vegetables (T)
  Japanese Yaki-Soba with Chicken (J)
  Indonesian-style fried noodles  
  Singapore Vinacelli Noodles with Chicken and Prawn (S)
Spicy Prawn Noodles
  Served with green pepper and sweet & sour sauce  
  Steamed Rice
  Egg Fried Rice (C)
  Vegetable Fried Rice (C)
  Thai Fried Rice with Chicken (T)
  Garlic Fried Rice (T)
  Pineapple Fried Rice with Chicken and Prawns (V)
  Vietnamese-style fried rice with curry powder and raisins  
  Coconut Rice (T)
  Sago with Coconut Milk
  Fried Banana with Ice Cream
  Rambutan with Ice Cream
  Lychee with Ice Cream
  Vanilla Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce
  Fruit Sorbet
  Chocolate Spring Rolls served with Ice Cream
  Fortune Cookies